Your own private lodge at Royal Jozini

There is magic in the wilderness. There is beauty in the vast stillness of the reserve. As the sun breaks over the land, the thrill of the unexpected resonates all around you at your own private lodge.

At Royal Jozini, you have the rare opportunity to build a dream lodge in the heart of a safari paradise. Your African getaway awaits where mountain, bush and water collide at the magnificent foothills of the Lebombo Mountains.

Lodge types and designs

At Royal Jozini, you have free reign to build a cosy retreat with rustic charm. Building your lodge at Royal Jozini not only offers exclusivity and tranquility but also the chance to customise your space. With plot sizes ranging from 4,000m2 to above 24,000m2, you have the freedom to design your lodge to your own specifications. Every second plot is available on the reserve to give you the sublime feeling of privacy and space.

Create a haven with a pool, braai area, boma, and a viewing deck to soak in the awe-inspiring surroundings. View game from your deck or build a star-gazing platform. Make your lodge open-plan, perfect for entertaining friends, and incorporate large, beautiful windows to look out onto the bush. Be sure to include garages for your vehicles and dedicated space your boat!

We typically advise a maximum of 4 to 5 bedrooms, housing up to 10 guests. With larger plots you can create separate buildings for a main homestead with smaller lodges around your site. You have the opportunity to let out your lodge when not in use, so be sure to factor in guest accommodation, should you choose to do so.

Lodges at Royal Jozini blend into the wilderness. You will be hard pressed to find each unique lodge nestled into the vast landscape. Hidden beneath a canopy of trees, enfolded into the bush and tucked into the mountains, your lodge is your own private world.

Jozini Lake, Bush and Mountain opportunities

We have created 3 types of opportunities for interested investors to choose from, which consist of Jozini Lake, Bush and Mountain sites. Each plot has its own unique characteristics and look out points for unparalleled adventure.

Jozini Lake opportunities

Build at the edge of Lake Jozini and spend hours relaxing at your lodge, observing life on the lake. Animal life is vast in this serene setting, from birds to game to fish; you will see it all.

Lake Jozini boasts a robust population of Tiger Fish, renowned for their strength and fighting spirit. Cast your rod into the lake and spend an exhilarating day out on the water. Enjoy sundowners with the family and wait for the bite of the larger-than-life Tiger Fish. The best part about our lake opportunities is that Royal Jozini gives you the opportunity to create your own private jetty within your plot for private mooring.

Bush opportunities

A bit further away from the lake, within the vast grasslands of the bush, is where you will find our bush opportunities. The plots are in an area where elephants are prohibited. However, there are still numerous animals that will peacefully pass by your lodge. Listen to the sounds of quiet footfalls and the sharp whistle of birds calling from tree to tree.

Mountain opportunities

Within the Lebombo mountain range, our mountain opportunities look out over the whole Royal Jozini valley. The rocky terrain is ideal for building a stepped lodge and various look out points, including a large deck for star gazing. Build a lodge where friends and family can return to again and again with warming fires amidst true Eswatini hospitality.

Sites are ready to build on

Royal Jozini has 90% of infrastructure in place for your build, including earthworks, waterworks and sewerage lines. We have high quality gravel roads, a Water Treatment Plant and water reservoirs on site. Vehicles can enter through the main gate, at the entrance of the reserve.

Our lodges encompass the philosophy of sustainable living in modern residences. Solar energy is used exclusively to power appliances, geysers and the overall running of your lodge. We’re completely off-grid and proud of it.


We have over 150km of roadways in the reserve. Currently, 60% of the main internal high-quality gravel roads are already completed, with plans to finish the remaining portion by the end of 2023.

Security onsite

The entire perimeter game fence encloses the reserve, ensuring security and protection. The main entrance of the game reserve is manned 24 hours, serving as the exclusive point of access for both owners and visitors. Use the My Estate Life app, which requires access codes for entry.

Internally we have a team of 15 Field Rangers who operate from 4 strategically located Ranger Camps within the reserve. The Ranger team conducts anti-poaching patrols and observation on a continuous basis protecting our game and security from external threats.

Opportunities available

We have 100 new land opportunities available. Royal Jozini has secured a 99-year renewable lease with the kingdom of Eswatini, through Eswatini’s leasehold structure. You will be able to secure your plot through a sublease with Royal Jozini. Speak to us to enquire about the process.


Royal Jozini is the vision of a group of like-minded investors who are dedicated to realising the full potential of this magnificent tract of land. By investing, you are given the opportunity to join the Lodge Owners Assocation to steer the vision of Royal Jozini. Our members are involved in conservation, documenting wildlife and birdlife, and managing projects for future development within the reserve. Join our family at Royal Jozini and secure your opportunity to build your own private lodge in the heart of Eswatini.

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