Untamed beauty of
Lake Jozini

Lake Jozini is predominantly located in the North of the KwaZulu-Natal province with the northern tip stretching into Eswatini’s Royal Jozini Private Game Reserve up to 7 kilometres depending on the water levels. The lake itself is a mighty 16000-hectare expanse of water surrounded by untamed African bushveld in the form of several game reserves. Part of the surrounding reserves is the oldest conservation area in Africa, having been proclaimed by Paul Kruger in 1894. There is great history here!

and conservation of Lake Jozini

Royal Jozini is responsible for the management and conservation of the entire water body of Lake Jozini inside the Kingdom of Eswatini. We manage a proudly catch and release section of the Lake and ensure it is completely free of any illegal activities such as poaching and gill-netting.

Whilst our legal jurisdiction ends at the Eswatini / South African border, we are proud members of the Pongolapoort Dam Stakeholders Association (PDSA) and we work hand in hand with our South African counterparts for the conservation of Lake Jozini.

The PDSA has formally been registered with the CIPC and the core objectives of the Association are the safeguarding of Lake Jozini as a common resource to its members, and that this resource is critical to the long-term sustainability and financial viability of the businesses on and around it.

on the shore

The northern tip of Lake Jozini is beautifully unique and as the water winds its way through our reserve, it gives rise to some magnificent freshwater wetlands hosting a multitude of bird species and mammals coming to drink. Elephants along the shoreline are a regular sighting as one can quite easily compare this scenery to the majestic Okavango Delta.

Tiger Fishing Competition

Royal Jozini Private Game Reserve hosts the annual ‘’Tiger Fishing Festival’’ in early October attracting anglers from both Eswatini and South Africa. The competition has evolved year on year to become arguably the premier fishing competition in Eswatini. We actively look for sponsors to contribute funds towards continued efforts in combatting illegal gill-netting on Lake Jozini. Please contact jay@royaljozini.com if you would like to assist this cause. Please click on link below to download the entry form for the 2023 Tiger Fishing Festival.