What is a leasehold structure?

Leasehold is a property ownership arrangement whereby the leaseholder holds the rights to use and occupy the land for a fixed period of time, while ownership remains with a third party. The lease agreement outlines the terms, obligations, and duration of the lease which reverts back to the owner at the end of the lease term.

How does Leasehold work in Royal Jozini?

Royal Jozini has secured a 99-year renewable lease with the King of Eswatini. As an investor, you will be entering into a sub-lease with Royal Jozini. A notarial deed is registered in the deeds office to serve as security for your investment.

How do you finance a leasehold opportunity?

It is advisable to discuss your options with Royal Jozini who will advise of the possible financing options.

How long can I stay in Eswatini as a foreign national?

On a foreign passport you can stay in Eswatini for up to 30 days. As a leaseholder, you qualify to apply for residency in Eswatini to live in Royal Jozini all year round.

Can I rent out my lodge when I am not using it?

Yes, Royal Jozini lodges are a fantastic investment as tourists book well in advance to stay at the lodges on the estate. Management and bookings of your lodge are at your own discretion.

What is the management structure for Royal Jozini?

A Board of Directors is elected annually by the members of the LOA. An annual estate operating budget is approved at the AGM and implemented by the Managing Director. The MD will be assisted by an Estate Manager whose job description will focus on daily operational issues. The Board meets quarterly to discuss important matters pertaining to the Estate. Each Board member has a portfolio of focus which includes Engineering, Financial, Political, Marketing and Management.

What infrastructure already exists at Royal Jozini?

The entire reserve perimeter game fence is in place. 60% of the main internal high quality gravel roads have been completed. There are plans to complete the balance of these high-quality gravel roads by the end of 2023. In addition, there are over 150km of reserve roads accessing all areas of the land.

All water reticulation has been installed serviced by a water abstraction facility on Lake Jozini and a modern Water Treatment Plant. We have a gated entrance area with office block. All staff housing is available by the gated entrance.

There are 4 concrete slipways constructed for boating access as well as a Marina area which offers safe parking for boats. A boatyard has also been constructed for long term parking.

The game reserve is fully stocked to carrying capacity and solar powered boreholes have been installed at selected locations to create man made water points (pans) with water availability all year round. In addition, there are a number of natural pans which assist in game distribution. Water availability for our game is a key objective.

What game currently resides within the reserve?

Aardvark, Blue Wildebeest, Buffalo, Bushbuck, Black backed Jackal, Bushpig, Caracal, Chacma Baboon, Common Duiker, Common Genet, Common Reedbuck, Elephant, Hippopotamus, Impala, Kudu, Leopard, Mountain Reedbuck, Nyala, Pangolin, Porcupine, Red Duiker, Serval, Side striped Jackal, Spotted Hyena, Steenbok, Warthog, Waterbuck, Wild Dog (on occasion) and Zebra.

What is the security set-up within the reserve?

The only owner and visitor access to the game reserve is by the main entrance which is manned 24 hrs. All owner and visitor access works through the My Estate Life app with access codes being required.

Internally we have a team of 15 Field Rangers who operate from 4 strategically located Ranger Camps within the reserve. The Ranger team conducts anti-poaching patrols and observation on a continuous basis protecting our game and security from external threats.

Can I purchase within a syndicate, and are there any limitations to this?

Yes, you can purchase a sublease within a syndicate. Currently there are no limitations to the number of syndicated members. It is advisable that this number does not exceed 10 members.

What is the transaction process when transacting from South Africa to eSwatini – will there be someone to guide purchasers through this process?

Both countries form part of the Common Monetary Area (CMA) designed and implemented for economic benefit to the region. The Royal Jozini team will assist and can guide you through this during the sales process.

How does the renewal process work within the leasehold structure?

The lease is for 99 years and unless LOA has breached the lease and not remedied the breach, the lease will be renewed for another 99 years. Renewal beyond these two periods will require negotiation.