Invest in Royal Jozini: The Kingdom of Eswatini

Royal Jozini is a vision of wild, untamed land. Where dusty roads lead to modern lodges stretching from the foothills of the Lebombo Mountains to the shores of Lake Jozini. This landscape is vast and filled with adventure, spanning over 7 000 hectares.

From the sky swarming with birds in flight, the bush bursting with game and the waters erupting with animal and fish life, you are always on the edge of wild beauty. We invite you secure an opportunity to create an African dream lodge that you can return to again and again.

Where is Royal Jozini?

Royal Jozini is in The Kingdom of Eswatini, just 10 minutes from the South African border post. Pack the car and travel across the border, easily commuting from popular South African cities, Durban and Johannesburg. The drive should take between 4 to 5 hours and you can stop at plenty of petrol stations and wimpy restaurants along the way.

We recommend driving so that you can bring your rugged all-terrain vehicle with you to enjoy leisurely game drives through the reserve. The network of roads leading to the residential zone is high quality gravel and can accommodate a sedan or hatchback vehicle, should you choose to bring one.

Foreign nationals also have the option of flying into King Mswati III International airport and hiring a car to drive to Royal Jozini.

What is Royal Jozini known for?

The heartbeat of Royal Jozini is undoubtedly Lake Jozini. This is where life erupts with animal life. Lake Jozini is the closest location for South Africans to Tiger Fish. Competitions are held annually and fishing enthusiasts visit in peak season in hopes of catching the dancing Tiger Fish.

Vast game roam the deeps of the waters and forests within Royal Jozini. At Lake Jozini, you can find herds of hippos emerging from the water, crocodiles basking on the exposed banks of the lake and elephants quenching their thirst at the water’s edge. Above the water, birds soar towards the sky and dive into the depths of the lake, searching for fish.

Building a lodge in our private reserve gives you the ultimate retreat into nature. A few minutes off the main road and you are immersed in bushveld, open-skies and views of the Lebombo Mountains stretching into the distance. The serene landscape is peaceful, and lodges are built to blend into the natural landscape of knob-thorn trees and bush.

What game can I see at Royal Jozini?

Royal Jozini is equally known for the game and bird life inland, as it is for the Tiger Fish in the lake. As you drive, you can hear the elephants moving through the trees and the birds whistling to each other. We have watering holes and viewing points where you can take sundowners and wait for our wildlife residents to make their way stealthily to the water’s edge.

Here’s some of the game that you can find on the reserve:

·        Buffalo

·        Elephant

·        Giraffe

·        Zebra

·        Wildebeest

·        Nyala

·        Impala

We’ve spotted over 330 species of bird life, here’s a few to take note of:

·        African Jacana

·        Bulbuls, Greenbuls and Brownbuls

·        Bunting family

·        Canary family

·        Firefinches

·        Honeyguides and Honeybirds

Explore our interactive map at the top of the page to find more.

Why should you invest in this magnificent tract of land?

Where else can you find an opportunity for your own private lodge within an African game reserve. This is a rare opportunity to build on large plots of land ranging from 4 000m2 to above 24 000m2.

This is your opportunity to reinvent modern living within the bush. Our lodge owners have created innovative designs with large open-plan entertainment areas. Should you choose an opportunity on the water’s edge, you can create private mooring for your boat.

What sets Royal Jozini apart is its commitment to sustainable living. The reserve is completely off-grid, ensuring zero loadshedding and embracing the latest energy-efficient designs. Enjoy the comforts of a well-run private game reserve while being in harmony with the environment.

How do I become an investor?

Royal Jozini has been given the opportunity to develop this magnificent tract of land, through the leasehold structure, upheld by The Kingdom of Eswatini. We have in place a 99-year renewable lease whereby investors will sublease the land to build a lodge in the heart of this unbelievable environment.

As an investor you have a voice in steering the vision of Royal Jozini. Over the last decade, we have worked together with our lodge owners to carve out a residential zone through a well-connected network of quality gravel roads. The infrastructure is 90% complete, including earthworks, a high-level Water Treatment Plant and water reservoirs onsite.

You have the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to secure lake, bush or mountain opportunities in Royal Jozini and become a lodge owner. Enjoy returning to your private lodge at the edge of wild beauty.

Investing in Royal Jozini is an invitation to a lifelong adventure, a chance to create cherished memories in a truly remarkable setting. So why wait? Seize this rare opportunity and make your mark in The Kingdom of Eswatini. Embrace the untamed nature, immerse yourself in wild beauty, and embark on a journey that will forever hold a special place in your heart. Welcome to Royal Jozini – your African dream lodge awaits.

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