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Tiger Fish

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Lake Jozini is widely known for its Tiger Fish population, a fish known to reach in excess of 9kg. This exclusively African silver game-fish strikes hard and fights aggressively, making this type of fishing a favourite among adrenaline seekers.


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Elephants in the reserve are majestic giants, renowned for their intelligence. They usually travel in large herds and you will hear them moving through the trees before you see them.


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Leopards are slender and powerful big cats known for their distinctive spots and remarkable hunting skills. Solitary and agile, see them streak across the bushveld after their prey.


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Herds of hippos live in Lake Jozini. These animals weigh over a ton and are an ever-present sense of awe and danger on the water.


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Swimming in the deep or basking along the banks is where you will find Crocodiles in Royal Jozini. Crocodiles hibernate during winter, but we advise to exercise caution at all times.


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Over 330 species of bird life have been spotted in Royal Jozini. On the banks of Lake Jozini’s slipways, you will be spoilt with sights of the African Jacana. Scan overhead for birds of prey including vultures, eagles and raptors.


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